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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I will add 5 more stars because Josh does the best work in my eyes and you will 100% love what N3DX can do for your product/ idea. Josh and I have been working on my project WaveCooler and it’s been the best experience I had because I was not alone and finding josh on Upwork and him giving me a up close experience with the coolers by text, video chat, email josh stayed informing me on everything as if I was standing right there with him. Josh is 100 % qualified for any project or new product you wanting to invent. Trust will be the first key part because now you will need to tell someone new your idea but with josh you can trust him and the N3DX team with your product. I approve this message 👍👍
01:02 23 Oct 18
Perfect! Thanks.Josh.
Ann Leviton
Ann Leviton
10:19 11 Oct 18
I ordered a rather complex cosplay helmet from N3dx Design and even though there were several issues during the printing process, Josh made every effort to get things right. He provided me with tons of detailed updates along the way and even went above and beyond what I asked for in the end. The whole process took longer than either of us wanted but I'm very happy with the end result and the level of professionalism Josh displayed. I'd go back to N3dx Design anytime for my 3D printing needs .
Robert Molder
Robert Molder
18:03 03 Jul 18
I would highly recommend N3DX for anyone needing 3D printing, and it would primarily be based upon Josh's service. Not being familiar with the technology/products, I was somewhat hesitant to go down this path for resolving a parts problem. Josh promptly put my fears to rest with a 'on site' visit to asses the problem. He then proceeded to quickly deliver a good product to resolve my problem at a very reasonable price. He will remain on my contact list!
Molly Nemetz
Molly Nemetz
14:20 28 May 18
Amazing, easy to communicate my idea to, fast, and even put on a few extra touches!
Joe O'Connor
Joe O'Connor
05:01 19 May 18

You Have An Awesome Idea And Need Affordable Product Design Denver

Affordable Product Design Denver & DevelopmentBut You Have A Lot Of Questions And Concerns About The Project Then It Sounds Like It's Time To Schedule a Free Consultation With N3DX 

You’re ready to turn your idea into a product, but have more questions than answers, it might be time give affordable product design a shot. Your main concern is how to protect your intellectual property. You don’t know how to ensure that you can trust the person you choose to work with. You don’t really understand the whole process to turn your idea into a product and develop it. You’re ready to go with the project, but aren’t so confident about how to move forward.

You’ve checked into some of the big shops (thinking they might be more experienced). It didn’t take you long though to get the feeling that the subtext of everything was, “money money money”. You just did not end up believing they cared about you or your product design. The whole experience left you cold.

You’re looking for product design and product development  services with a personalized, customized, “small shop” feel. Your product idea is your baby and it’s special to you. You want to work with a company that treats your idea like it’s their special baby also.

We’re Maybe A Little Fanatical About Our Customers’ Product Development

Saying We Eat, Sleep and Breathe Our Work Isn’t An Exaggeration

One way that we really excel here at N3DX Product Design Denver is customer service. We’re more of a partner for you than a vendor. We take ownership of the project alongside you, and become members of your team. We’re there for you, so you’re not in it alone through the ups and downs. We take a personal interest, stay involved, and keep in touch. You’re never left guessing or wondering what’s going on with your product design and development.

Our Being A Smaller Company Benefits You And Your Product

Because You’re Not Just One Among Hundreds Of Product Development Projects

Being a smaller company means we take more time to spend with you. We understand you and what you want to accomplish. Your product is important to us, and we stay focused on what you need done.

One Special Benefit You Get

One extra benefit that you get is that we have a massive amount of creative power in this shop. Our creative minds are always churning away on better ideas for your projects development. We’re very likely to get Eureka ideas in the middle of the night. It’s just kinda a freebie benefit for you. We can’t help it, we’re geeks here!

Latest Project

19 Series Oculus

An urgent need stands for proper equipment to allow the driver of a left-turning vehicle to see oncoming cars in the “blind spot” at intersections. Oculus is a cased custom curvature mirror optimized for individual customization for intersection blind spots. This technology allows drivers to view oncoming traffic when a blind zone is created. The unprecedented use of algorithmic intelligent design gives drivers enhanced viewing capabilities without distortion in comparison to regular convex mirrors.

Mike Mckenzie recently won third place Nationally in The Street Shares Small Veterans Business Awards with Oculus and received massive funding to help bring Oculus to market. Without Affordable Product Design Denver, this would have not happened.

Oculus was designed by N3DX Product Design Denver for Mike Mckenzie, CEO of 19 Series. Mike flew to Denver to work hands on with us while we developed Oculus. This is our most recent project. Visit 19 Series


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