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Design services Conceptual Sketching
Conceptual Sketching
Design services Creator_Pro_Cover_v1_Model
Design services Creator_Pro_Cover_v1_Model

Conceptual Sketching

$90 per Hour
  • Bring your ideas to life through hand sketching with a pen and pad of paper.
  • Quick sketching of ideas to see if you like them—six pictures on one page.
  • Fastest way to arrive at a potential 3D design, without a big investment of time or money
  • Focus on a range of ideas in a concentrated way to quickly identify the best.

3D Modeling

$90 per Hour
  • 3-D Modeling means designing an object using 3-D software.
  • 3D Model your ideas (using software) to ascertain suitability for future development.
  • Develop replacement parts of all kinds when they are no longer available.
  • Design and develop unique tools specific to your shop or industry. Your business could benefit from satisfying a need for a specialized tool for day-to-day operations.
  • You need to make changes to an existing 3D model file that you have in your possession.
  • Design a one-time use or unique application.

3D Rendering

$90 per Hour
  • A 3D rendering is a photo-realistic image of an object that pictures that object in three dimensions.
  • Typically clients want to see a 3D Design picture of their idea. This is the type of drawing most clients need so they can clearly understand their idea.
  • You might use a 3D Rendering to sell your idea to other people.
  • This type of image is used to get other people to understand the idea you are talking about.
  • 3D Renderings also help you get a better understanding of the object yourself.

Rapid Prototyping

$90 per Hour
  • Rapid prototyping means that you do a draft-type 3D design model of your idea or product to ascertain functionality under different circumstances and methods.
  • You want a 3D prototype of something to make sure it functions correctly.
  • You want to be sure the mechanics work correctly.
  • Want to know that the aesthetics work and your object looks good.
  • You want to test out the “feel” of the object.
  • You need to test your theories out using a draft 3D design before investing in a final prototype.

Technical Documentation

$150 per Hour
  • Technical documentation fully describes all technical aspects of an object and is used for both applying for a patent and for manufacturing processes.
  • Typically clients want to see a 3D Design picture of their idea. You need technical documentation to apply for a patent.
  • Technical documentation to have your 3D design manufactured.
  • You already have all your development done and you’re ready for the next step.
  • You have a model and all your specifications, but don’t have the technical drawings or blue prints.
  • Note that when we have not designed the product from scratch, there is the possibility of liability issues. We will have a discussion about this to protect both parties.

3D Scanning

$150 per Hour
  • 3D Scanning is a technology that can analyze a real-world object or environment, and collect data on its shape and appearance. The data is then input into software to construct a 3D design model of the object or environment.
  • Get a complete scan of a building interior and exterior.
  • Create a floor plan for a building offered for sale by a realtor.
  • Scan an object and develop 2D blueprints to duplicate that object, 3D print it and refine it.
  • Develop replacement parts that are no longer available for purchase.
  • Reverse engineer the plans of a building such as an historic structure.

Packaging Design

$90 per Hour
  • We design the final package to sell your product in once it is manufactured. Includes inserts and creative specialty packaging if required.
  • Protect your product once it is manufactured.
  • Design the packaging that your final product will be marketed in.
  • 3D Design the logo for the packaging.
  • The inserts that accompany the package.
  • Develop unique or creative packaging for your product.

Graphic Design

$90 per Hour
  • We 2D or 3D design technically-oriented graphics such as spec sheets, technical one-sheets, or technical illustrations
  • Create assembly instructions.
  • Spec sheets such as you might use to sell equipment or technology.
  • Product sheets you might use to demonstrate the differences between products you sell.
  • Specialty graphics for your website.

N3DX Product Design Services—Fixed Rates

More Options. No Obligations.

3D Printing

$49 Set up Fee per print. Materials cost is $0.36+
  • 3D printing means the process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model. This is done by laying down many thin layers of material in succession to build up an object.
  • You have your own file that you want use to print out a 3D design model of an object.
  • Our line up of printers include: Fusion3 F400-S, Fusion3 F410, and Raise3D Pro 2 Plus
  • Build volumes (size of object that can be printed): any object that could be built within the volumes of 14” x 14” x 11.8” or 12” x 12” x 24”.
  • Does not include modeling or any adjustments to your file.
  • Does not include modeling or any adjustments to your file.
  • We use professional grade FDM printers, not hobbyist printers. We print anywhere from 20 micron and up (5X better than hobbiest versions). Prints faster and more accurately with better looking results

Single Cavity & Multi Cavity Silicone Molds

$4.60 per square inch + $49.00 set up fee
  • When you have an object and want to make duplicates of it, we create silicone molds you can use to reproduce your object.
  • Have an object you want to make a mold of so you can duplicate that object.
  • Have a treasured object you want to reproduce to share with family or customers.
  • Duplicate an object and to give out as a business promotion.
  • Refine a 3D design printed object with a finer finish.

Logo Design Tier 1

$240 per Logo
  • This service is for a simple logo.

Logo Design Tier 2

$480 per Logo
  • This service is for a more complex logo that takes additional time to create.

Crowd Funding

  • Kickstarter Campaign
  • Please call for more information, 720-639-4113 ask for Joshua Murphy


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Customer of N3DX Design Services, Nicko Benson

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I will add 5 more stars because Josh does the best work in my eyes and you will 100% love what N3DX can do for your product/ idea. Josh and I have been working on my project WaveCooler and it’s been the best experience I had because I was not alone and finding josh on Upwork and him giving me a up close experience with the coolers by text, video chat, email josh stayed informing me on everything as if I was standing right there with him. Josh is 100 % qualified for any project or new product you wanting to invent. Trust will be the first key part because now you will need to tell someone new your idea but with josh you can trust him and the N3DX team with your product. I approve this message 👍👍"

Nicko Benson, Wave Cooler, LLC

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