Final Design Package

Final Design Package

Final Design Package Branding

You’re Ready For The Final Design Of Your Product—And…

Ready To Patent And/ Or To Manufacture

Final Design Package. This is the stage of your product design you’ve been working on for a long time. It’s an exciting time. You’ve had ups and downs along the way, but this is certainly a high. This package includes user testing of your product, and production of final documentation needed for patent application and for manufacturers.

This Package Has Been Designed To Satisfy Two Different and Related Problems

Having a Product Manufactured And/Or Applying For A Patent

Our Final Design Package is that last step before turning your product into a revenue stream. It’s critical to get this right, because both profit and loss, and protection of intellectual property depend on your final design documents. These are the problems this package is designed to solve.

  • You need the documentation and final prototype necessary to submit your product in a patent application. It’s a technical process, and you need specific technical documents in order to apply. You want to be sure you have the proper documentation for the process. You need support in your patent application.
  • You want to manufacture your product, and need plans for the manufacturer. Final Detail Design (product blueprints) and Technical Documentation (in-depth description of construction) are required. The manufacturer has a different language from the inventor and that can lead to miscommunications. These documents are needed to bridge that difference.

Final Design Package Patent WorkYou Have Everything You Need To Apply For A Patent…

Or To Manufacture Your Product

The Final Design Package produces an easy glide path to finalizing your product design. This package tends to go pretty smoothly for our clients. We’ve done a lot of work to get to this point. We’ve made a lot of refinements to your product design over time. These are the solutions you can expect from this package.

  • You have the needed documentation and final prototype to submit your product in a patent application. All your submissions meet the specifications of the Patent Office. We provide guidance and support for you in your patent application. You don’t have to worry about getting the technical details right. We handle that for you.
  • You have the plans necessary for the manufacturer to manufacture your product. You have the Final Detail Design (product blueprints) and Technical Documentation (in-depth description of construction) that a manufacturer requires. You and the manufacturer are on the same page with what’s needed. You aren’t going to end up in frustrating miscommunications.

Let’s Look At the Details Of How The Final Design Package Works

It’s A Relatively Simple—Yet Critical Step—In Selling Your Product

You need the Final Design Package to manufacture your product or apply for a patent. This is the package where we work with you to test and finalize your product design. Here is how it works.

Phase 1—Finalize Product Design

Step 1: Initiate Final Design Process

We start this package by having another conversation with you. We may be moving right into this package from the last package or you may have taken time to get your finances in shape. One way or another, we meet to reorient to the project.

We are preparing your product design for technical documentation and for manufacturing. Minor prototype revisions might be necessary before user testing. Our objective in this step though is to ensure that the product is ready for testing.

Step 2: User Testing

User testing is different for every product and must be customized to your product.Some typical things that are tested include:

  • We may need to test how strong the product is.
  • We also may do stress testing using software.
  • We test functionality to make sure that the product functions as it is designed to do.
  • We test assembly, fine tuning so that all parts click together correctly.
  • We test that it’s safe and not harmful to a child or to users. We ascertain if the product needs any special warnings in the event it’s not used properly.
  • With many products, you can only do so much user testing in advance of getting the final manufactured product. This could be because of materials or manufacturing process itself. It is important that you recognize that we won’t be able to do final user testing until after you have a manufactured product.
  • After user testing, there may be some final adjustments to the product design.

Step 3: Final Design Refinement

If user testing has shown design changes are required, we make those changes. At this point, we’re in constant conversation with you. We’re talking about user testing results and refinements. Then, we make final changes to the prototype and to all documents.

Phase 2—Deliver Final Design Documents And Prototype

Step 1: Prepare Final Design Documents And Final Prototype

We print a final 3-D prototype, and prepare a comprehensive packet of documents for you. They include:

  • Final 3-D renderings.

    Final Design Package Report

    Package Report

  • Final package with all specifications.
  • Final Detail Design (product design blueprints) which include plans, elevations and exploded views. Everything is included and labeled. It is all ready to convey the information to patent office or manufacturer.
  • All the technical documentation needed for patent application and/or manufacturing. This includes:
  • How it’s going to function.
  • Colors and materials.
  • What it will accomplish.
  • Different parts demonstrated by section views (slice views) to show interior structure.
  • We compile any market research we’ve done during the life of the product design.
  • We give you revised initial cost/profit analysis, relative to any information we’ve accumulated over the life of the project. Note that we won’t have hard costs until we go into the Manufacturing package.
  • USB drive with all project documents.

Step 2: Decide On Next Steps

Now we’re finally at the point of taking the most exciting steps—Patent application and/or manufacturing. We turn over to you all the documentation, and the Final 3-D Prototype. At this point you have everything you need to go forward on your own if desired.

Then, we have a conversation with you about the Manufacturing Package. If you’re interested, we’ll talk to you about the risks of doing it on your own. Then, we give you a short description of how we can help you, so you don’t have to do this on your own. We let you know how we would contribute to the process by being your go-between.

If You’re Interested In Discussing This Package

Call Now And Let’s Start The Ball Rolling!

If you’ve read this page and feel excited, be sure and take action now. There is no charge for our initial conversation. We’ll answer any questions you have, and support you in pursuing your dream for your product idea.

Where To Next?

Now that you understand how the Final Design Package works, you may want to review our Manufacturing Management Package to learn about your last step in turning your idea into a product. For the full details on that package, go to Manufacturing  Management Package .

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