Initial Design Package

You’ve Taken Your Product Idea Through The Feasibility Process

initial design 3d rendering

Now You’re Ready To See What Your Product Looks Like In 3-D In The Initial Design Package

You’ve used our Feasibility Package to determine viability of your product idea. Now it's time for the initial design package. You want to take the next step. You’re excited to begin the design process and to see your idea in 3-D. That’s the thrilling next progression.

Every newbie inventor needs to realize that developing your initial design is an iterative process. There will be numerous modifications along the way. The more you/we learn, often the more your product changes. All kinds of things drive these modifications. Things like manufacturing processes, materials costs, and regulations often require modifications that are not obvious when you begin. The only thing you can depend on for sure is that we’ll be regularly improving your products initial design.

This Package Was Designed to Solve A Specific Set Of Problems

Here’s Why You Would Want To Use Our Initial Design Package

Taking your product from idea to initial design is a major step for customers. This is where you get to start seeing your product as a potential reality. These are the problems you’re trying to solve with this package.

  • You’re ready to take the next step to begin the initial design of your product. We’re starting with a rendering of your product and the other results from your Feasibility Package. You want to get a better picture of the product, and to get more concrete about its design. You’re feeling optimistic and want to explore the next phase—Initial Design.
  • You want to get a 3-D picture of your product. The rendering was nice and it got you excited, but you need to SEE what your product is going to look like from all directions. You want to be able to rotate the image in space.
  • You want the excitement of seeing an exploded 3-D image of your products initial design. This shows how all the parts fit together and gives you a deeper look at the internal workings of your product. This drawing typically indicates dimensions and gives you a sense of the product in space with scale indicated.
  • You’re ready to begin developing preliminary specifications to take your product into manufacturing. Again, this is an area where there is consistent change along the development path. You want to begin the process though, and to keep on exploring the future of your product.

You Need To Know What Outcomes You Can Expect…

When You Invest In This Initial Design Package

steps through initial designYou’re ready for that next step, but first you want to understand what outcomes you can expect. It’s important to you that those expected results are clear and highly desirable. These are the outcomes you can expect from this package.

  • You take the next step and begin the initial design of your product. Your rendering is transformed into a 3-D drawing. We work with you to get concrete design ideas into our Adobe Fusion 360 software. We go back and forth transforming your idea into the initial design. We call it initial design because the design is likely to undergo a number of additional changes along the way.
  • You view your product in a 3-D image where you can see it from all sides and all angles. This is the point where the product comes alive for you. We can even rotate the image on the screen for you. It’s definitely a WOW experience for our clients.
  • You also get to see your products initial design as an exploded 3-D image. You see how all the parts fit together, giving you a deeper look at your product. The drawing indicates dimensions, and you get a clear picture of the product in space.
  • We start developing preliminary specifications to take your product into manufacturing. The specifications change consistently along the development path. You feel pretty darn excited though that you’ve begun the process.

You Want Clear Benefits When You Consider Buying A Package Like This

These Are The Benefits You Get From The Initial Design Package

This package comes with solid benefits that are easy to understand. It’s a value-packed approach that pays real results for you. These are the benefits.

  • You have a logical step in the development of your product idea. It’s a structured process and you understand exactly what’s going to happen.
  • This package fits with your budget because it has a package price. You pay your money and get specific deliverable s. Your product idea moves one solid step further down the development path.
  • You get to see initial design working drawings of your product. After all the years of fantasizing about your product idea, you finally get to see what it could look like. It’s more than an imaginary rendering. It’s the real thing.
  • You progress your product with a set investment and pause before taking next steps. You get to analyze the results of the package and see how you feel about continuing. You’re investing a specific amount to get specific results. It’s not an open-ended process with a blank check price.

When You’re Buying The Initial Design Package…

You Want To Know All The Details Of How It Works

As you consider investing in this package, you need to know the facts so you can decide. You’re exploring various options, and want specifics rather than a price list of services. You need to understand what you’re going to get, and how you’re going to move your product down the development path. This is how this package works.

Phase 1—First Draft Of Initial Design

Step 1: Design Interview

We start the project with an in-depth Initial Design Interview. This includes a detailed discussion of Feasibility Package results, and includes the following:

  • Starting with the rendering from the Feasibility Package, we explore new possibilities. We work more deeply, exploring options, suggestions, and creative brainstorms.
  • We go into what-if scenarios, things like, “What if we move this over there?”, or “What if we completely rotate this?”, or “What would happen if we change the line of this curve?”
  • We’ll be asking you for any examples you’ve seen of similar products you like. The objective is to discuss what you like about these products and for us to get a deeper appreciation for what you want.

Step 2: First Draft Of 3-D Initial Design

Now, we get into the fun part of using Adobe Fusion 360 to turn your product into a 3-D model. This is “heads down” focus of our time on your project.

As your product takes shape in 3-D, we may get brilliant new ideas. It’s a common scenario to discover additional possibilities as we work on the 3-D drawings. We’ll interact with you as needed, with some back and forth communications. Mainly, we’ll be working non-stop on your project.

We may send you hand-drawn ideation sketches of new ideas to see what you think. If you agree with the ideas, we then incorporate them into the 3-D drawing. We begin to draft preliminary specifications. This would include things like materials suggestions and manufacturing methods.

Step 3: First Review Of Initial DesignInitial design package feedback

For the first time you get to see your initial design in 3-D. We show you the first draft of your 3-D modeling. Show you the updated rendering that now matches the current version of your product. In addition, we show you the exploded 3-D version. Provide a summary version of draft specifications (product materials, manufacturing processes).

We have an in-depth conversation about everything in the first draft. If it’s not practical for you to come into the shop to see the drawings, we can work by video.

This is where we start to fine tune the initial design, and to surface potential changes. By seeing the design in 3-D, we’re likely to come up with some new ideas. We may also give you different options or new possibilities. That’s one of the fun parts of this process: it’s not predictable. Designing products is typically a non-linear process.

Phase 2—Second Draft Of Initial Design

Step 1: We Make The First Set Of Revisions

We go back to the drawing board (Adobe Fusion 360 actually) and rework your design. Take all the ideas that came out of our meeting and incorporate them. Again we’re focused in intense heads down work. Send you a sketch idea or not. Often we get brilliant new inspirations, but by this time, the design is starting to gel.

Step 2: Second Review Of Initial Design

When we finish this set of drawings, we schedule another conversation. Preferably we have a face-to-face presentation, but we can also do this by video. Again we review the revised 3-D modeling drawing, the revised rendering, revised exploded 3-D drawing, and revised initial specifications.

At this point, typically the drawings are pretty close to what the client wants. We often do come up with some minor changes to be made, and sometimes additional ideas arise.

Phase 3—Initial Design Project Windup

Step 1: We Make The Final Edits To Your Product Files

At this point, we’re in the home stretch of your Initial Design. We buckle down and get your last edits done. We also print out final copies of all your drawings, and copy all files onto a USB drive for you.

Step 2: Final Presentation

This is the really exciting part of the project—meeting with our clients for the final presentation. You’ll likely want to meet with us in person to get all your final files.

During this meeting, you receive copies of all your files on a USB drive. We give you final printout copies of your files, discussing each in turn. We summarize all we learned, and explore how you feel about the progress of your project.

  • Final Initial Design 3-D
  • Drawing
  • Final Initial Design Exploded 3-D Drawing
  • Final Initial Design Rendering
  • Final Initial Design Preliminary Specifications
  • All Files Copied Onto A USB For You

Note that any previous copies you might have seen or received have watermarks on them. Watermarks are transparent images printed on the paper to protect you from theft. These final printed out copies are free of all watermarks.

Step 3:Review Final Drawings And Talk About Next Steps

Step 2 and Step 3 occur at the same meeting. Once we have presented your initial design drawings and other files and discussed them with you, we have an in-depth conversation about next steps. We summarize what was learned in this phase. We talk about what’s possible. I’ll describe the Design Refinement Package and answer any questions you might have. If it seems like a fit for you, we’ll ask if you want to go forward.



If you’ve read this page and feel excited, be sure and take action now. There is no charge for our initial conversation. We’ll answer any questions you have, and support you in pursuing your dream for your product idea.

Where To Next?

Now that you understand how the Initial Design Package works, you may want to review our Design Refinement Package to begin the prototype process. For the full details of that service, go to Design Refinement (link).

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