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Small, Medium-Sized Enterprise Product Inventors

Small, Medium-Sized Enterprise Inventors

Our customers are individual product design inventors and small- to medium-sized businesses bringing an idea from concept to reality. You might need a custom part designed to save time and money around your own shop. Many of our inventor clients need replacement parts for machinery that is no longer manufactured. We’ve even had individual inventors hire us to manufacture parts for irreplaceable furniture or household items.

The companies we work with tend to be smaller, with revenue in the millions rather than billions. You might be developing a part for mass manufacturing, or have small internal projects needed in a hurry. We enjoy working with serial inventor clients  that produce a consistent flow of new products to market.

We Work With Inventor Clients to Solve A Cluster of Complex Problems

That Are Specific To Moving Product Ideas To Production-Ready Products

We’re a specialty shop that helps the “little guy or gal” inventors compete with the “bigs”. We’re a small shop, take a personal interest in our clients and their product design, and work closely with you. These are the specific problems that we can help you solve.

  • An inventor with abrilliant product idea and you’re ready to turn it into a real product. You’ve been working on your concepts or invention for a long time. You’ve reached the end of what you can do alone. You need professional help developing the idea into a marketable product.
  • Want to get your product funded on Kickstarter or another crowdfunding site. You understand that your idea must be at the prototype stage before you’ll get crowdfunding investors. You won't only need your inventor mind, you'll need professionals to position you for Kickstarter.
  • Have got a deficit of knowledge about critical aspects of product development. A inventor with a lack of knowledge of materials selection, mechanical considerations, and functionality over aesthetics. You need help to ensure that your product serves consumers well—and avoids serviceability issues.
  • Not completely clear on the whole process of turning your idea into a prototype.  Sketching, 3-D Modeling, 3-D Rendering, Prototyping—what are they and why should you care? Your an inventor not an engineer. You’re smart and have taken time to learn, but you need guidance through the complexities.
  • An inventor but not sure how to prepare a prototype that’s ready for manufacturing. Wow! That’s another area where you’ve got more questions than answers. How do you select and trust a manufacturer? China or US? How do you make sure that when you turn the plans and specs over to manufacturing, they can run with the project instead of grinding to a screeching halt?

Our Inventor Clients Tend To Have Specific Characteristics

That Ensure Their Success In Endeavors

We’ve noticed personality traits common among our most successful inventors. They’re unique in the way they approach projects, and in the ways they work with us. These are the kinds of characteristics evident in our inventor clients who succeed in turning ideas into products.

  • Motivated and believe in your idea—enough to invest in taking the next step. You’re not a dreamer or talker who’s “going to do something someday”. You’ve got a track record of success as opposed to having a bunch of ideas and no action. You’re an inventor, a doer!
  • Looking to work collaboratively, and want to hire a team of experts. You’re knowledgeable enough to know when to listen to the person with experience. You want to end up with the best product with the least trouble. You’re most comfortable working in an intelligent, educated team where everyone contributes their expertise.
  • Reality-based when it comes to finances, development cycles and practicalities. You see paying for knowledge, expertise, and experience as a brilliant business move on your part. You have a good sense of how much time and work goes into developing a product from an idea.
  • Reasonable and appreciative when shown a better way or better design. You love your “baby” (product idea) and yet you’re willing to listen to suggestions to improve it.  You understand the value of our keeping you out of trouble in the planning stages—positioning you properly for manufacturing.
  • In it for the long haul—committed to the end. You’ve got the kind of motivation that just doesn’t give up. You’re one of those persistent types that won’t accept defeat though. This project has been your priority for a long time and you’re going to see it through. Your a inventor, a doer, and a maker.

Where To Next?

Now you have an idea about the kinds of inventor clients we work with and the kinds of challenges they face turning their idea into a product design. To learn the details of how we work, our values and the kinds of results you could get, click on How We Work.

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