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Now We Get To The Final Phase Of Your Product Design

Our clients always have hundreds of questions for us about the manufacturing process. It’s a complicated and unique process where you need specialized knowledge to be successful. In this package, we manage the entire manufacturing process for you—start to finish. Handling this is not recommended for amateurs.

These Are The Problems This Package Is Designed To Solve

We Keep You Out Of Trouble

We’re at the point where many of our clients get cold feet. It’s a little like taking off the training wheels and being expected to peddle away smoothly. This activity—manufacturing—you’ve been working towards for months suddenly seems terrifying. You’re thinking, “I don’t know how!” Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We can help you solve the following problems.

  • You don’t know how and/or don’t want to handle manufacturing for yourself. You don’t want to spend your time dealing with middle-of-the-night time zones, language barriers, and manufacturing technicalities you don’t understand.
  • You feel there are too many risks if you handle your own manufacturing project. You’re not willing to “learn the hard way”, and don’t want to make mistakes. You want guidance in the process, and to work with someone who already has experience.
  • You’re working full time already and simply cannot add another responsibility to your plate. This product design project is one of many projects you’re working on. You need to have someone else handle it for you.

These Are The Outcomes You Can Expect From This Package

It’s Been Designed To Make The Manufacturing Process Painless For You

We specifically designed this package to make life easy for our clients. Our aim is to help you avoid all the points of terror we’ve observed in previous clients. These are the outcomes you can expect from this package.

  • You don’t have to know how to handle manufacturing—we do it for you. We take care of dealing with middle-of-the-night time zones, language barriers, and manufacturing technicalities for you. Whatever you don’t understand, we explain it to you in plain English. You don’t spend all your spare time anxiously trying to figure out what to do.
  • We alleviate manufacturing risks for you, and make sure you don’t take any hits. You aren’t learning “the hard way” by making costly mistakes. We keep you out of trouble. We handle most things for you and give you advice and guidance along the way. You get the benefit of our experience.
  • You stay focused on your full-time work while we’re managing your manufacturing project for you. Your product design becomes a manufactured product while you get to have a life. This takes a lot of unnecessary stress off you.

This Is A Relatively Simple Package…

Because We Do Almost All The Work FOR You!

You’ve been working hard on your product idea for a long while. This package makes the manufacturing process easy for you.

Phase 1—Planning Phase

Step 1: We Plan Next Steps On Manufacturing Your Product

We start off this package by discussing your manufacturing project in depth. We talk about your goals, budget and cost estimates. Of course, we discuss your manufacturing options—both location and manufacturing processes/finishes. Here are some of the specifics we discuss in depth.

  • We talk about various options on where you might get the manufacturing done:
  • All in China.
  • All in the United States.
  • Have part done in China and part done in the United States.
  • Get just the plastic parts manufactured in China and bring it back to United States for assembly.
  • We discuss final materials for the manufactured product, including cost effectiveness and cost/quality considerations.
  • We go over manufacturing processes and your best options.
  • Of course, size of initial order is an important discussion. There are different price points on different sizes of orders, so we need to decide what quantity of units is best for your first order.
  • We decide both colors and finishes on your final product.
  • Package design is an important conversation. The packaging keeps the product safe until it reaches the consumer. As importantly, the packaging is very important in motivating a person to buy. An attractive package signals a quality product to buyers, so it is critical to your marketing.
  • There are various options to getting your package designed for you. We can design the packaging and enclosures for you for an additional fee. Ask us for a quote.

Step 2: We Do Manufacturing Research

Once we’ve had all those conversations with you, we dig into our manufacturing research. Though we already have preferred manufacturers, we still want to get you the best deals for your needs.

  • We research materials and work with the manufacturers to answer all questions from the meeting.
  • We research and get quotes for you on your manufacturing:
  • We assess who is the best manufacturer for you to use.
  • We get estimations on assembly options for you.
  • We get estimations on 2-3 different sizes of orders with different price point breaks.
  • We get quotes on packaging and include packaging costs.
  • We get final quotes from the manufacturer, giving us the final estimated costs per unit, including packaging.
  • We estimate potential profit on different sizes of orders.
  • We give you a follow-up phone call to provide you this information and to get preliminary agreement.

Step 3: Final Market Analysis

Now we do an in-depth market analysis for you. The product is ready to manufacture, and it’s time to revisit the market analysis we did in the Feasibility Package. The product has evolved a lot since we began the Product Design Development Path. Now, the market analysis needs to evolve with the product. Here’s what we cover in this step:

  • We do competitor research.
  • We explore your competitors, how many there are and the prices of their competing products.
  • We chart out five competitors’ products and rate them according to different categories to see where your product rates in comparison.
  • We identify what’s better about your product than competitors’ products.
  • We research Google search rate for products like yours. We want to have an idea about how often people are looking for a product like yours.
  • One of the most important things we discuss in this step is where and how you want to sell your product. We explore the different selling platforms like Amazon, Etsy, your own website, or big box stores. We make recommendations on the best platform to sell your product.

Phase 2—Final Decision And Placing The Order

Step 1: We Discuss Everything From Phase 1

Now, we sit down and discuss everything—costs, potential profit, and market analysis research. We get down to specifics. I report everything and present you with the results of my research. These are some of the items we discuss in this step.

  • We discuss everything revealed in the market analysis research.
  • We run down all costs, potential pricing and potential profit.
  • I lay out the time frame for you to manufacture, package and deliver. You get a clear timeline of how long for packaging, how long for manufacturing, and when you can expect delivery of final packaged product.
  • We discuss the pros and cons of the size of unit order.
  • We clarify what your investment is going to be.
  • We talk about how payment works (you make the payment directly to me, and I handle paying the manufacturer, currency exchange and everything associated).
  • I present all the quotes to you.


This is the decision meeting for you. If you want to go forward and manufacture, this is when you make that final decision.

Step 2: Contract and Order Placement

Once you have decided to go forward, we spend time negotiating our contract. It’s important for us to clarify the terms of our agreement in advance. It’s just the right way to do business. Each contract is unique to the client’s needs. We talk about responsibilities, disputes, and warranties, and a number of other standard contract terms. We come to an agreement on contract terms and sign the document.

Once the contract is signed between us, we expect you to pay the manufacturing costs in advance. It’s a single payment, and we can discuss the best payment method. At this point we don’t want anything to slow down your order placement (like waiting for a check to clear the bank). Note that there are no refunds once the order is placed because we must cover the manufacturer’s costs.

With the money in hand, we swing into action to set up the manufacturing of your product. You can expect us to update you at least once a week, or any time there is information to share from the manufacturer.

Step 3: Work On Marketing The Product

At this point, we do not yet have a marketing offering in place. We are working hard to create an additional package to help our clients work on marketing for their product. This is the point where that package fits into the manufacturing process.

Phase 3—Manufacturing And Delivery

Step 1: We Manage The Manufacturing Process For You

I take charge of managing the manufacturing process and keep everything on track for you. If problems arise, I make sure they are solved quickly so the timeline isn’t impacted. I communicate regularly with the manufacturer for you. It’s my responsibility to manage the project for you—eliminating roadblocks and handling problems.

You don’t have to think about it or worry about your product manufacturing. I stay in touch with you regularly, always making sure you know what’s happening. When the final shipment arrives, I inspect it to ensure that everything is correct. Once I’ve inspected and approved the shipment, it’s available for you to either pick up or for us to ship to your location.

Step 2: Closing Conversation

Typically we like to follow up with our clients by phone or in person. We want to ensure that everything is OK and that you’re happy with your product. We’re probably asking you things like, “What’s going on in your marketing?” or—importantly—“What have you learned that you might want to incorporate in a future model?”


If You’re Interested In Discussing This Package

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Where To Next?

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