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N3DX Product Design Denver Team Is a creative group of minds always looking for ways to innovate and develop new ideas.

N3DX Product Design Founder & CEO
N3DX Product Design Founder & CEO Josh Murphy


Joshua Murphy

I started N3DX Product Design to make developing a product design affordable for all individuals. As an entrepreneur, I believe I bring a unique perspective to the client’s work because I take into account the business aspect of the design as well as the functionality itself. I’m driven to bring new products to market utilizing all resources available. Types of projects that I have previously designed include industrial models, medical models, sports equipment, architectural plans, and consumer products. Finally, I’m dedicated to giving our clients 100%, whether a first-time inventor or a company design team, N3DX Product Design is here to turn ideas into reality.




Josh Murphy, The Man Behind N3DX Product Design Denver

As A Kid I Always Loved Building Things And Operating Them

I Could Get Lost In Remote-Controlled Rockets, Cars And Planes

Lucky for me, my dad generously fed my appetite for kits to mess around with. I was always fascinated with taking small parts and putting them all together into an amazing remote-controlled toy.

Assembling them was one thing, but racing them and tweaking the designs was the real fun for me. My room was full of models I built from scratch.

In High School, My Brother And I Went All Out…

Building Over-The-Top Car Stereo Systems

You have to imagine this, we built crazy magnificent stuff. We used thousands of dollars’ worth of electronic equipment. It wasn’t only the electronics that were unbelievable though. We also designed and built hand-made fiberglass boxes (think monster truck design) to house the electronics. These were insane designs and that was a lot of fun! Along with the car stereo systems we built a number of bad boy cars. This was my first Hummer H2.

In College, I Took Product Design To A New Level

What’s That Thing They Say About Bigger Boys’ Toys

Science and math were my strong suits. and I turned my “toy building” into a career. I had the chance to use new tools and build on my natural inclinations. I studied drafting and design, then got into 3-D printing and fell in love with it. At one point, I 3-D printed a spectacular 24” high Ferris wheel. I printed the pieces separately and put it all together. This was when I first thought about starting a business like N3DX Product Design making product design affordable for everyone.

I started learning Autodesk Inventor, the #1 product design manufacturing software. It’s the premier software for taking a product from ideation to manufacturing-ready. Of course, I got into Autocad, the commercial computer-aided design and drafting software application. All these new toys were simply irresistible for me. I also took a few courses in architecture and interior design. For me, there’s no limit to 3-D space to design.

How It All Started With The Business

It’s Not So Obvious As You Might Think

One day my son came home from school with a fidget spinner he had bought online for $40. Of course, I immediately thought, “I could make that really easily.” I bought Fusion 360 software and started making fidget spinners. For a bonding experience, I opened a business for my son—3-D printing fidget spinners. He sold them to all his friends. Together, we printed close to 8,000 spinners. That business was short lived but was a fun experience for us. 

At That Point, The “Light” Went On For Me And I Saw The Obvious

I Could Make Money Offering Affordable Product Design, Product Development, And Prototyping

It’s an obvious intersection between natural bent and market demand. Once I realized I could make money doing something I love doing, I positioned myself to open the N3DX Product Design in March 2018.

Lucky For Me, One Of My First Clients Wanted To Take A Product To Shark Tank

This Gave Me Incomparable Experience In The Complete Product Design Process

Among our first clients was a woman who wanted a prototype for a Shark Tank appearance. Her specific idea is confidential, but what’s important for you is everything I learned on that job. She wanted to get a patent and to manufacture the product. I worked with her on the whole process, patenting, prototyping and preparing for manufacturing.

The Various Things I’ve Worked On Since Opening N3DX Product Design Have Given Me Broad Experience

And All Of It Increases My Ability To Guide Your Product Design Into Reality

I’ve had a lot of experiences that benefit my customers. I love sharing what I’ve already learned that can help you. You’ll find out another thing about me: I love learning from others just as much as I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned. Here are a few of the broad experiences that benefit my customers.

I Can Guide You Through The Process Of Starting Your Business Entity

I started my first LLC business when I was 18, and have had a number of businesses. As you move along the N3DX Product Design Development Path, you’ll need to create a business. I enjoy helping my clients set up their businesses correctly—so they don’t run into problems down the road. I consider it a part of my service to provide guidance and consulting, and to answer questions. To speed up your learning curve, I guide you to answers on the Secretary of State website, and share what I’ve learned the “hard way”.

In one of my businesses, I sublet from an accountant. She was great, and taught me everything I needed to know about accounting and bookkeeping on Quickbooks. I’m happy to pass some of that knowledge on to you to make sure you’re operating in a businesslike fashion. It is critical that you track your costs and income properly as N3DX Product Design helps your product develop.

I Can Guide You Through Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Applications

N3DX Product Design applied and have been issued our trademark, we've applied for a patent, and for copyrights—and have also guided clients. I’ve done them all, and can help you to fill out the applications. I’m not an attorney, but I can certainly get you started. I guide you with tips and tricks, where to go, and what to do. If you have more technical requirements, I’ll help you find an attorney.

N3DX Product Design Can Guide You Through The Manufacturing Process

I work closely with a couple of manufacturers, one in China and one in the USA. They have worked extensively with me to help me help my clients. There are a lot of questions, issues and specifications when it comes to the actual manufacturing process.

In order to have a successful product, we must take manufacturing processes into consideration throughout design. These are some of the things I can help you with.

  • What do you need to know about Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA) in China?
  • What is the right manufacturing process for your product?
  • CNC machining
  • Vacuum Casting (silicon mold)
  • 3-D Printing (SLA & SLS)
  • Sheet Metal Forming
  • What are the constraints of the different manufacturing processes?
  • What is the right material for your product?
  • What is the best finish for your product?
  • What do you need to know about FDA approval?
  • Will your product be solid or hollow?
  • What size of run do you want and what’s the pricing for that size of run?
  • What do you need to know about approval by state and federal governments and their controlling regulations?
  • What do you need to know about tolerances? How do you work tolerances into your design so your product is manufacturable.

N3DX Product Design Will “Hold Your Hand” (Metaphorically)

Through The Whole Design Process—All The Way To Manufacturing

I help you work with the manufacturer to get a quote. That’s not all, I’m there as a technical intermediary throughout the manufacturing process. You don’t’ have to go through this complicated experience along—I’m there for you start to finish.



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