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N3DX Product Design specializes in product design projects as a whole. Below you will find previous and current customers with many different needs but as a whole satisfied with the services they received and products we have helped them create from just that idea in their head.


"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I will add 5 more stars because Josh does the best work in my eyes and you will 100% love what N3DX can do for your product/ idea. Josh and I have been working on my project WaveCooler and it’s been the best experience I had because I was not alone and finding josh on Upwork and him giving me a up close experience with the coolers by text, video chat, email josh stayed informing me on everything as if I was standing right there with him. Josh is 100 % qualified for any project or new product you wanting to invent. Trust will be the first key part because now you will need to tell someone new your idea but with josh you can trust him and the N3DX team with your product. I approve this message 👍👍"

Nicko Benson, Wave Cooler, LLC

N3DX Product  Design Project Wave Cooler N3DX Product Design Projects, Portfolio 1

The Idea Floated Around In Nicko’s Mind For Many Months…

Nicko Benson

But Like Many Inventors, He Had No Idea How To Turn An Idea Into A Product Design Project

Nicko had been hand-mixing Gatorade and other powdered drinks for sports teams for years. It was a hassle. Ice in, pour in powder, add water, stir stir stir, check to see if it’s dissolved, stir stir stir. Then you have to keep your eye on it so that you get it refilled before it’s empty. Repeat.

It was an ongoing hassle and was time-consuming. He thought, “Why not invent a multi-functional self-mixing, self-monitoring beverage cooler that gives you a large quantity of fresh beverages that are always at the ready for the team?”

Our Latest Product Design Project

Wave Cooler Version 1

N3DX has been hired by Nicko Benson of Wave Cooler, LLC to develop his product design project from start to finish. Wave Cooler will be launching on Kickstarter.com for crowdfunding very soon.

There Were A Lot Of Design Concepts To Figure Out For The Wave Cooler Product Design ProjectN3DX Product Design Projects, Portfolio 2

How Do You Design It, Select Materials, And Build A Prototype


There were a lot of different issues to figure out.

  • How could I add a water pump to do the mixing for me?
  • How could I add water level sensors so it’s easy to monitor remaining content?
  • What kind of design would make it easier and more comfortable to carry a fully filled container?
  • How could the lid be improved for access and cleanliness (mold, dirt)?How would we power the mixer and water level monitoring?

Meeting Josh M. Made All The Difference In The Wave Cooler Product Design Project

That Was When WaveCooler Began To Happen

Taking great concepts, and turning them into real product design projects—this is what N3DX is passionate about. So when Nicko met Josh Murphy, owner of N3DX, WaveCooler immediately started taking shape.

“I’d consulted with several so-called 3D printer companies, but they all seemed more interested in billing hourly rates than helping me hatch my idea. When I met N3DX, it felt like I was talking to a partner, someone with a sincere vested interest in developing the WaveCooler idea into a real, marketable product.” 

Nicko Benson, CEO, WaveCooler, LLC

N3DX is a company that starts with inventors’ concepts and brings them into reality. We create renderings, do engineering, prototyping, and manage manufacturing. We handle the process start to finish. Here’s the most important thing—we do all this with the same heart and passion as the inventor.

N3DX Was In The Trenches With Me The Whole Way

Know-How And Dogged Determination Make An Unstoppable Combination

Nicko’s initial product idea was great, AND the design insights and materials that N3DX discovered made it even better. Starting with brainstorming and storyboarding, N3DX identified challenges and thoughtfully developed solutions for the Wave Cooler.

“The N3DX team took the lead. They’d call me every day, sometimes late at night or early in the morning. Their motivation to design and build what I was really dreaming of was inspiring!”

Nicko Benson, CEO, WaveCooler

After several iterations going back and forth, Wave Cooler began to take tangible form. We addressed every single one of the issues Nicko had when we started the product design project. The Wave Cooler has easy-to-use features that benefit a wide swath of consumers. No more stationary “glug-glug” water coolers or buying and dealing with bottled water.

This is the kind of developmental experience any inventor with a new idea wants. N3DX is a design and fabrication group that takes a new project personally. We believe in delivering bang-on results to make you a winner. We don’t have the high overhead costs of our corporate competitors.

“I never felt like I was being taken advantage of. N3DX was on top of it and made me feel like I was the only project they cared about.’ I was amazed by the work they did.”

Nicko Benson, CEO, Wave Cooler

Now Nicko’s Dream Is A Reality

We’ve Got The Product Design Project Ready To Go On The Market


The Wave Cooler is perfect for gymnastic meets, basketball camps, game-day sidelines, dugouts, factory floors, camping trips. The list goes on forever—Wave Cooler works just about anyplace where large groups of people need liquid refreshments.

The Wave Cooler is a good-looking 5-gallon “water cooler” design. It includes an integrated mixer, water level sensor with LED indicators, easy no-spill door access, drip-free spout, and a rechargeable battery to keep it all running smoothly.

Nicko Has Applied For A Patent And Have A Final Product Prototype

The Next Step Is A Kickstarter Campaign

We’ve worked our way through all the design challenges and have a patent in progress. It’s been exciting every step of the way, and Joshua Murphy at N3DX was critical to our process.

Check  Nicko & Wave Cooler out at https://wavecooler.com


More from Our Portfolio

The items below are a selection of projects that we can share with you. Many of our projects in our portfolio are shrouded in secrecy (rightly bound by NDA’s). We can’t at this point show you those projects because we’re fanatical about protecting your intellectual property.

19 Series Oculus

An urgent need stands for proper equipment to allow the driver of a left-turning vehicle to see oncoming cars in the “blind spot” at intersections. Oculus is a cased custom curvature mirror optimized for individual customization for intersection blind spots. This technology allows drivers to view oncoming traffic when a blind zone is created. The unprecedented use of algorithmic intelligent design gives drivers enhanced viewing capabilities without distortion in comparison to regular convex mirrors.N3DX Product Design Projects, Portfolio 3


Magnetic Children’s Building Blocks

Our client wanted to develop magnetic blocks product design project for a children’s building toy. Some of the challenges were the strength of the magnets and the locking mechanisms. We experimented with various magnets to determine the optimal strength. We developed a sequence of various connection possibilities, including slide-in tongues and permanent locking grooves. Project was developed from idea to final prototype using software.

Professional Embroidery Machine Attachment

Client needed modification to professional embroidering machine so she could use small spools instead of large ones. We did a couple of different iterations to give her what she needed. We came up with a “spacer” approximately 2.5’ long and a foot high. We put this piece on top of her machine so the tops of the smaller spools matched the height of the larger spools. The numbers and holes relate to the different thread posts in embroidery.


Customized Plate For Dirt Bikes

This my product design project, it is my line of Motocross customized plates for dirt bikes. You can put your name, number, logo, or anything you want on it. We offer different packages that come with different finishes. They are customized to any bike and customized to the rider’s needs.


Replacing An Irreplaceable Jewelry Part

Client had been manufacturing jewelry for a long time, and ladybugs were part of the design so we developed a product design project customized to clients needs.. They had run out of the ladybug parts and needed to replace that part of the design. They came to me to see if 3D printing might be a solution. In the project, I learned and became proficient at a chemical smoothing treatment that gets rid of the 3D printing striations from the layer accretion.


Customized iPhone Cases

This was a personal product design project of mine, developing iPhone cases. It was one of my first business ventures and a learning experience. I experimented with packaging, graphic design, and 3D printing. I got a provisional patent on a seamlessly-joined bronze and carbon fiber design I invented.


Dearly Loved Chairs, Irreplaceable Part—Saved From The Junk Heap!

The client absolutely loved a set of chairs they had had for decades. The joiners had broken on all the chairs and the owners did not want to give up on their favorites so we developed a product design project to replace existing parts.. The parts were no longer available so there didn’t seem to be a way to make them functional. We started with a broken part and experimented with various iterations. The project turned out great. We duplicated it perfectly, and the client was thrilled

Where To Next?

Now you have an idea of some of the N3DX product design projects we’ve worked on. To learn more about Joshua Murphy and N3DX, click on About (link).

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