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At N3DX Product Design Shop we take pride in turning your idea into a successful business with you while doing it with a good and honest name.

At N3DX Product Design Shop, Having A Good Name Is Big For Us—And For Our Business

And We Specifically Behave And Perform So We Have A Good Name

Our product design shop is built on trust, and we go out of our way to behave trust-worthily.That’s what gives

our company a great reputation and grows our business. We guard our reputation with the same intensity that we protect your product design ideas.

When You’re Considering A Product Design Shop

You Want To Understand What Results You Can Expect To Get

No product design shop can promise you that your product design will become a successful product. Sure, if you have resources like Shark Tank and a billionaire mentor behind you, you’d have a great chance. However, typical inventors don’t have those opportunities. Still, you want to know what you can expect to get from working with us.

  • Take your product design from beginning (design) to end (manufacturing). You understand the process every step we take. We walk you through each phase, and educate you along the way. We give you daily updates—more frequently if necessary—about all progress.
  • Develop a working prototype and prepare you to start your crowdfunding campaign. Our design shop will recommend specialists to help you in all aspects of setting up the campaign and promoting it successfully.
  • Make a point of educating you on all the critical aspects of product design and development. N3DX product design shop will do everything we can to guide you to the best methods relative to cost, safety, materials, longevity, and liability. We don’t just design your product, we’re also designing the future for your product and for your company.
  • Make sure that your prototype, plans and technical specs are ready for manufacturing. Once we’ve got a viable prototype, we work with the manufacturer for you—to ensure that your product design is manufacture ready. We’re not specialists in manufacturing, but you can count on us to stay in constant touch with them on your behalf. N3DX prodcut design shop ensures that all technical issues are resolved before you place your order.

When You’re Looking For A Product Design Shop…

You Want To Have A Sense Of The Values Of The Business

You’ve come a long way with your product design, and aren’t willing to trust just any product design shop. You want to know what you can expect before you decide to buy. Values are important to you, and you expect to understand our values. These are the values that are the foundation of our business.

  • Loyalty is one of our primary values here at N3DX. When we say loyalty, here’s what we mean. Once we’re committed to your project, we’re here for the long term. You can take it to the bank. We’re all in, and you can count on us day after day, month after month. Rain or shine, thick or thin, we’re here for you and your product. That’s loyalty to us.
  • Aim to develop professional relationships—friendships really—with our clients. Good relationships provide the kind of trust where you get that “old married folks” level of comfort. We probably don’t go so far as completing your sentences, but aim for REAL relationships.
  • Believe in being trustworthy so that our clients trust us. After all, you’re entrusting your valuable idea to us. We believe in “taking care of your baby” (intellectual property) in exactly the same way we protect our own ideas.
  • Believe in promoting positive values in our work and outside work. The N3DX design shop feels a kind of responsibility to put good out into the world, and to support our clients to do the same with their products. We put a lot of energy into being a positive model in the world.

Understanding Values Is Only Part Of Your Decision Process

You Also Want To Understand What It’s Like To Work With A Product Design Shop

You need to understand how we approach working with clients. As an inventor, you want a clear picture of our working style to be sure that it fits with your needs. Here are some of the items that describe what it’s like to work with us on your product design job.


  • Count on this design shop to be economical with your resources—time and money. We’re respectful of your budget and manage it ferociously. Sometimes we suggest changes in materials, 3D printing techniques, design, or outsourcing to get you more bang for your buck.
  • You can expect consistent, clear communication—we aim to never leave you guessing. N3DX product design believe in understanding you and your needs, especially your preferred communication style. We’re responsive and provide real-time customer interaction throughout the project.
  • We hold ourselves to high standards, and only want to turn out the highest quality work. High quality, high performance, high aesthetics are all values we incorporate into our product designs. Doing things right and doing people right are actually connected. It’s a way of being. We don’t take shortcuts—unless they make sense for your budget and don’t harm the products.
  • Innovation is our middle name; we’re always looking to take your product and make it better. We want to change the aesthetic to make people fall in love with your product. Outside-the-box thinking, brainstorms of ideas, “what if” scenarios—every bit of it promotes innovation


Where To Next?

Now that you know more about how we work as a product design shop, results you can expect, and our values, click on this link to explore how we Protect Intellectual Property.

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