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Flashforgae Creator Pro Carbon Ventilation Hood

I've owned many 3D printers in my time and at one point had ten of these Creator Pros. It was an excellent printer to learn and build my skills. I now only have one left and have not had in running in over a year but I pulled it out of storage and brought it into the shop. I decided I was going to do some customization and make it still worth while. With my professional grade printers it has a lot of upgrades needed to join the team. I downloaded many Things from here on Thingiverse, so Thank you all you makers! They have made great editions and upgrades. I thought I might give a little back and share the carbon fume vent hood we have been prototyping here at N3DX. Keep in mind this is still in prototyping phase and there will be many revisions. All of my printers now have carbon filtration for clean air and I thought that should be the first thing we design as it can be very important when printing exotic filaments. I'm printing my first prototype in ABS. I use ABS for the ease of acetone fusing the parts together. On this model the carbon filter attachment will need to be fused to the top along with the wiring channel. There will be some amateur wiring needed to be done to make it functional. There is a 3.1" 12V fan which will runs off of 2 AA batteries controlled off an on/off toggle switch. You will need some small screws for the the cover of the fan to hold it in place and most importantly you will need a piece of acrylic cut to the dimensions in drawings attached. And don't forget the carbon filter, 2-3/4 x 4-1/4 x 3/4 inches. When I'm finished printing my first prototype I will make a video of assembly and post it for reference.

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